View Full Version : Ich: Copper Treatment - can you use DT (ich) water?

05/27/2017, 05:42 PM
Hi guys,

I have a friend who has fish with ich, I've only competed TTM and not copper so would like your expertise around his question with water changes.
He has all this fish in a HT/QT.
He wanted to know whether it is ok to use DT water even though it has ich in it? He understands that he has to match the copper levels with the HT and assumed that this process would kill the parasite in the theront stage if siphoned out.

The reason why he wants to use the DT water is because it is cycled and hoping this will help control the ammonia more than NSW.

Is this ok? Or strictly use new water (NSW) only?

Thanks in advance.

05/27/2017, 08:06 PM
No, make fresh water and match temp and salinity. The goal is to kill the parasite in the water with copper so it is no longer present to attack the fish. Why would you then turn around and add more parasite filled water so they can attack the fish? If all fish are in QT I would run the recommended length of copper treatment and leave the DT without fish for a few months. This allows the parasite to run its life cycle without a fish host causing it to die out. As far as keeping ammonia etc. down, you will need to feed only what can be eaten, siphon out waste, and do regular water changes with fresh salt water. Also keep a check on salinity levels and replace evaporated water with rodi water as needed. It's a pain but you might as well see it all the way through at this point.

05/27/2017, 08:49 PM
I agree you should use new water. Even though you are adding copper to the new water before putting in your Qt, it theoretically should kill the free swimmers but is not worth the chance.

On another note, cupramine is pretty gentle on bilogical filtration. My qt's are cycled and have no issue keeping up. 40 breeder with 8 fish. One being a tang and another being a regal, both create a lot of waste and never have any ammonia.