View Full Version : My Mantis "Roxy" molting today....

Scuba Dan
05/29/2017, 04:39 PM
I was wondering why she spent the last few days gathering up sand and rocks and taking it back to her cave. I guess it was time for her to molt. Here are a few pics my Mantis Shrimp Roxy.




05/29/2017, 04:43 PM
Wow I have been trying to take a picture of mine for months now but it is very camera shy...thought I had one on the weekend just to be blocked by some algae on the glass, kid you not!

Scuba Dan
05/29/2017, 05:08 PM
Roxy comes out of her cave whenever I come over to the tank. She either wants to attack me or she likes her picture taken.... :)

Mr. Manty
05/29/2017, 11:56 PM
What size tank do you have her in? My peacock is quite reclusive in his 20 gal.

Scuba Dan
05/30/2017, 01:49 AM
I have her in a 29 gallon Biocube.