View Full Version : Whats everyone's FAVORITE Nano Fish?

05/31/2017, 10:13 AM
Post some pics of your fav nano fish!

Ryan Darilek
05/31/2017, 10:24 AM
I'd have to say my little Flame Angel is my favorite. He may outgrow my 32G some day, but for the time being, he brings a TON of personality and is my favorite! https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170531/115c8f164d065277220777f5e2ccad9e.jpg

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05/31/2017, 10:38 AM

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05/31/2017, 10:38 AM
Although reclusive, I'm able to see my flaming prawn goby moving around through cracks in his cove of small rubble rocks in the front of my tank. As soon as I get a macro lens that focuses well in the distance to the rocks I'll have a nice shot.

05/31/2017, 11:10 AM
Midas Blenny is my favorite! (Not my photo)


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05/31/2017, 11:30 AM
All of these are AWESOME! Keep em comin!

05/31/2017, 11:32 AM
Orange spot goby, paired mine up with a tiger pistol shrimp. Tons of personality once settled, and the always present snapping.

05/31/2017, 04:04 PM
Black capped basslet, or starry blenny. Both have great personalities.

05/31/2017, 05:33 PM
I've had a yellow tailed damsel in my 5.5 for 7 or 8 years., maybe even longer. A fish that doesn't play well with others but apparently does ok by itself.

06/01/2017, 12:31 AM

06/01/2017, 07:40 AM
All of these are great Fish!!

I'm thinking about getting a Helfrichi to add for my Nuvo 10...I currently only have one fish, Picasso clown

06/01/2017, 08:24 AM
Not sure if he is my favorite, but I just got an Orchid Dotyback (yes, it is ORA, before someone wallops me for my environmental insensitivity) and he is really cool. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170601/86d060189d2cabc8038b761bde803658.jpg

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Razorback reef
06/01/2017, 06:23 PM
I don't think it's possible, at least not for me, to have a favorite. There is just too many nice ones to choose from.

06/02/2017, 12:19 PM
I don't have one, but the deep water candy basslet would be ideal. Doesn't carry an ideal price unfortunately.