View Full Version : 25g AIO

06/01/2017, 11:55 AM
I got this custom acrylic tank from someone local and it has become one of my favorite tanks.

5' long, 8" deep and 12" tall. Last 12" is the filtration chambers. Maxi-jet 1200 return, RW 4 and wp-10 circulation pumps. 48" t5 with coral+ and blue+ ATI bulbs. Some black sand and about 15# cycled live rock.

Current livestock is a clown, damsel, bi-color blenny, hermits, Margarita snails. Purple stylo, mummy eye chalice, long tentacle chalice (forgot the name but I can find it), bi-color hammer, torch, BTA, pipe organ, gonipora, meteor shower cyphastrea, a few montipora and I'm sure I forgot something.