View Full Version : Velvet,Brook,or Uronema mortality question.

A sea K
06/01/2017, 02:11 PM
If I have any of these in my system will it absolutely kill all my fish?
I've been having issues for over 2 weeks now and at first thought it to be flukes but the fish did not respond to the Prazi treatment and I believe now there is something much worse involved. Most all of my fish have died at this point however I do have several (3 x flasher wrasse, 1 firefish and a Marine Betta) that are left and appear to be somewhat untouched by whatever is causing the deaths. They are still active still feeding with a normal appetite, only thing that seems off is my McCoskers color is washed out but otherwise appears to be fine.

06/01/2017, 04:32 PM
No, some fish can fight it off, but it will linger and anytime their immune system is compromised due to anything it has a chance to wipe them out

A sea K
06/02/2017, 03:18 AM
OK thanks for the reply. I have already misdiagnosed the problem as flukes and now trying to determine what the actual issue is so I can move forward with the best course of action.

06/02/2017, 06:52 PM
What kinds of symptoms are the fish showing?

A sea K
06/03/2017, 05:07 AM
Multiple symptoms in some fish but not in others and among these are a whitish coating, white spots, pale or washed out coloring, lethargy, hiding (from the light I assume), swimming nose near the surface and or swimming into flow from the powerhead.
I've been losing fish over a span of almost 2 weeks now. The strange thing is I still have 3 flasher wrasses (I should note that among the deceased are a fairy wrasse and a possum wrasse as well), a firefish, and a marine betta that seem to be unphased with the exception of my McCosker wrasse having pale color but otherwise appears healthy with normal behaviour and appetite.

06/03/2017, 06:09 AM
It sounds like velvet for sure. Some fish can build an immunity but velvet is such a fast killer as you have seen. Wrasses sometimes won't show symptoms because their thick mucous coat.

If I were you I would treat ASAP:

Freshwater dip matching temp and salinity, for PH I usually just throw a couple splashes of tank water in, dip for no longer than 5 minutes. Remove the fish if they begin to breathe slow, they should be breathing fast.

Follow with a Rally Bath(acriflavine). 3.75ml per gallon of new saltwater matched with temp and salinity. Bathe for 75 minutes, but remove the fish if any signs of stress are given by the fish.

Then follow with copper and kanoplex in hospital tank. I use cupramine so you need to ramp up rather fast when dealing with velvet. My wife recommends coppersafe.

A sea K
06/03/2017, 06:35 AM
I looked through the disease stickies and compared known symptoms to what I have been seeing and also thought Velvet was probably the closest match but so many symptoms interchange I was not sure. The biggest issue that has thrown me is everything indicates Velvet is a fast killer but has not been the case for me at all.
I do have rally and have chloroquine(?) on the way. The issue right now is I have no where to home the fish for treatment. I'm heading to town in a few hours to get another QT set-up.

06/03/2017, 07:09 AM
CP and wrasses is a no no

A sea K
06/03/2017, 08:41 AM
CP and wrasses is a no no

I was not at all aware of that. Thank you for the heads up.