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06/02/2017, 07:36 AM

Truly need some help
My DT 140g fowlr with about 16 fish (no substrate)
I treat all my fish with prazipro and ttm before moving them to DT
but i didnt do full length qt protocol.
I suspect I have major issue in my DT since few of my fish are scratching for more then a week with no visible signs yet
Iím afraid im facing uronema since I think I had it in my QT and maybe I had cross contamination From my QT into my DT or i introduced fish to soon into my DT
But im not sure what im facing exactly
I want to take extremely radical action before it will be to late
and rip my tank and start fresh
I was thinking to use bleach on my DT and meantime ttm all my fish and treat them With medication while I leave the DT to dry for few days
What im asking is basically how to treat my fish and with what medication since not all medication available where im living

Those are the medication I have:
seachem metroplex
seachem focus
sachem paraguard
Seachem - Cupramine
Quick ich-x (formaldehyde (<22%), methanol (<7.5%), malachite green chloride (<0.2%)
New Life Spectrum Ick Shield 1mm Sinking Pet Food

If i treat the tank i will need to treat my fish before I bring them back to the tank
But how should I do that with the meds I have
I need a protocol I can follow which will give me the best chances my fish is clean
I was thinking to do fresh water dips then move them through ttm protocol while using some meds and baths or something but I donít know how and what exactly to do .
Please if anyone can spare some time and guide me how to treat my pets


06/02/2017, 09:28 AM
TTM is only effective against ich, and if you've already done it I wouldn't bother repeating it.

since it's FOWLR you have some options. Can you get New Life Spectrum Ich Shield Powder? I wouldn't bother with the food.. dosing the powder takes care of quite a few things, chloroquine phosphate is effective against a lot of parasites. I'd dose it straight to the display, however, if you have algae it will kill it and you'll get an ammonia spike. .. so be prepared for water changes.. but this will treat ich, velvet and brooke.. so takes care of a lot of the nasty ones.

-You might be able to order chloroquine phosphate(or diphosphate) from online sources, or get it from a local pharmacy, but get it in a powder, dose 15mg/l. -some wrasse and pipefish/seahorses aren't compatible with this though.. it will kill them.

despite their claims, paraguard and quick ich-x are not effective against ich.

if it's uronema, then chloroquine might be effective, i've seen recommendations of 20mg/l for dosage to treat that. which is still well below the lethal level.. you'd have to dose over 100mg/l to kill fish. for water changes just dose the replacement water... turn off lights as UV removes it.

06/02/2017, 09:46 AM
thank you for respond
i belive im not facing ich but i have a bad feeling its somthing worse even if im not seeing major syptoms at the moment
i will try to order the nls powder but im not sure if i get it and when
does quick ich x can be used as a formalin bath since i cant buy any other mad that contain formalin?