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06/02/2017, 05:18 PM
Hey RC Ppe. I have a fluval FX6 been running my 125 for the last 14 months. Everything is great. I dont have room for a sump at this point which is why I have a canister. My question is can I put Bio balls to lower my nitrates as a media? I know I am supposed to have a reactor but hey I am on a budget at this point. My water changes keep my Nitrates at 20 PPM but I would like to get them down to maybe like 5 any thoughts? would it be a NO NO to put these in my canister as a media?

06/02/2017, 05:52 PM
There is not going to be much that you can put in a canister to reduce nitrate. You will need places of low oxygen to get the anoxic bacteria going and ready to turn the NO3 into N gas.

You can use some activated carbon if you change it regularly. It will remove organics that otherwise would have entered the N cycle. If you don't change it regularly, then the organics that the carbon traps will get broken down anyway.

Your liverock and sand can do a good job of this providing anoxic places for bacteria. If you started with dry/dead rock, it can take a number of years for the liverock to be all that functional, but it will get there.

Diana A
06/02/2017, 10:14 PM
I use a fx6. The only thing inside the filter is Seachem Matrix, and Marine Pure 1/2" spheres. I have a cpr overflow box where I keep BRS Rox carbon in a small bag, my intake of HOB skimmer and intake of the filter. I created a sock for the overflow box. The intake for the filter is below the sock.