View Full Version : Disappearing fish.

06/03/2017, 03:41 AM
I have recently lost a Naso to what I believe was flukes. Over the next couple of days a couple of other fish have literally gone missing. Missing are a male maroon clown, a panther grouper, and a fuzzy dwarf lion.

Remaining fish (which are happy and look fine) are the female maroon, a male common clown, dragon wrasse, coral beauty, watchman gobie, two cleaner, two peppermint and two fire shrimp, an emerald crab and a bunch of hermits.

I haven't seen them now for about 10 days and presume the worst. I have looked as best I can between the rocks but can't see them anywhere. My ammonia is still at 0 so I'm guessing their corpses aren't rotting anywhere but don't have a clue where they have gone.

Is it possible that something in my tank has eaten them (either dead or alive?)

I did have a white and blue tip anemone which the maroons used to host which during the missing period swelled up, died and stared oosing some weird green lumps. Don't know if that's relevant.

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