View Full Version : Ecotech makes a really crappy mount for their Radion!

06/03/2017, 03:11 PM
So I added a second XR30 to my tank instead of the single one I had with a wide angle lens.

These Ecotech mounts suck!

Why do we need to shim their mounts to get them level? I've been screwing around for two hours now trying to get both lights even with each other. Absent doing this they look terrible with how the mounts lean towards the front of the tank.

Has anyone figured out a better way to do this?

06/03/2017, 03:34 PM
This is really frustrating. Even without shims where they both lean a little forward, one is way different than the other.

Did they change their mounts or something? The lights, even though both G3, have different power supplies (so the cords don't match which looks dumb). Maybe the mounts changed too and I'm screwed?

06/17/2017, 10:03 PM
It would be nice to get a reply from Ecotech on this (have you tried calling them?). I'm curious of the reply too. Front/back adjustment is easy, but I don't know of any up/down or angle. Those two seem to be particularly off compared to what I've seen.