View Full Version : Tunze 9012 DC missing part?

Frank H
06/04/2017, 05:59 PM
My skimmer didnt come with the air adjustment screw for the airline tubing. Is this because I have the DC with the controller? I have the controller all the way down because when I barely turn it up it foams up over the top very fast. Its been running for 8 days so far.

06/05/2017, 08:44 AM
This part is not included and should not be used, if it is foaming over at the lowest setting, raise the skimmer. I use this same skimmer, I have it set so about 1/4-1/3rd of the intake is submerged and the pump speed is set to the 10 o clock position, it took time to get to where I could run it this high, I started with it all the way down and the more I removed in waste the more I could increase pump speed. The DC version is superior because you have a constant 2 part water to 1 part air, on the AC with air adjustment as you decrease air, you increase water and that ratio is less efficient.

Frank H
06/05/2017, 08:14 PM
OK, Thanks for the info. I saw it in the instructions and thought I was missing it.

Can you tell me what the white thing is that clips to itself making a little ring?

06/06/2017, 08:49 AM
Can I get a photo of the piece you are describing? I am assuming it is the velcro for the silencer to be mounted to the side of the tank? If so the white piece will peal off revealing a sticky side.

Frank H
06/11/2017, 08:45 AM
Sorry for the delay.

This thing:

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y117/40zDictator/20170611_074341.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/40zDictator/media/20170611_074341.jpg.html)

06/12/2017, 09:06 AM
Did you possibly also get a 3168 filter? That is the clip for a filter bag for one of our filters, if it came with the skimmer it just was a mistake.

Frank H
06/12/2017, 10:39 AM
Got a 3163 and 9012

06/12/2017, 10:49 AM
That clip is to close off the filter bag that came with the 3163.

Frank H
06/12/2017, 07:15 PM
Ahhh haha Thanks for your patience with me.