View Full Version : On vacation apex power issues

06/05/2017, 11:49 AM
Not sure why if the 12 volt plug got lose or what but when chiller kicks on which is near the apex I'll get random power failed messages then a second later its restored. The messages seem to stop when the chiller shuts off. I have a backup chiller on other side of tank which I made the primary. When i did this the power failed messages stopped for couple days until today though not as numerous. What can I do being on vacation the 12volt adapter and 2nd EB8 are plugged into a working battery backup. If i disable the power monitor feature in apex the message will stop but will apex stay powered on through the 2nd EB8 if power goes out?

06/05/2017, 03:24 PM
Sounds like a voltage drop issue. Are EB8 plugged in the wall? Or into extension cord? Is chiller plugged in the eb8 ? Or on a shared extension cord ?

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