View Full Version : Blue Linka Injury

06/05/2017, 10:53 PM
Hey guys...so Iv had a blue linka now for right around a year...but he out of no where got a small gouge or hole on his outer backside kinda in the middlish part of his body. I'm currently away, and my gf noticed it today. She said he has nice colors and is moving around the tank still. I have not added ANYTHING into the tank in probably 2 months, and the fish i added was a swalsi basslet...no way he's a problem. Any ideas...it looks like maybe something nipped it. I have a fire shrimp, some blie leg hermits, scissortail dart, pink skunl clown, tomimi tang, blue assessor, bi color chromis, and tanaka pygmy wrasse. Any ideas...can they heal sometimes from these things. The gauge is about half the diameter of a sharpie marker end.

06/06/2017, 06:33 AM
If it's just an injury then it should heal just fine on its own unless there's a secondary infection. Hopefully it's not the beginning of the end as it seems that a lot of blue linkia average right around a year or less in captivity before passing away. Even if it's still moving around and has good color that hole being present may be the "early" indicator that its time is near. I truly hope that it's just a minor injury and that you'll have that beautiful starfish for many more years to come.

06/06/2017, 12:24 PM
Thanks! My gut tells me he will heal...but i habe researched while owning one and am well aware of there mortality rates. And with me not being able to come home for another week I'll just have to rely on my gf and what she says. I'll keel u all posted. I posted a pic on the big saltwater fb forum site and they think it's just a flesh wound...well see.