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Captain smoke
06/06/2017, 10:30 AM
Little history- started off with 60g LRFO to a 150gT reef that started off with softies and some LPS. after finding out how much I like SPS I save up some cash and built a SPS tank.

I found a great deal on a 75g Deepblue rimless reef ready, with a oak stand stained black. Here is my equipment list

- 2 MP40Wes
- Sicce Syncra 5.0 return pump
- 2 Ecotech Radion gen 3 on RMS mounts
- Skimz Sm201 skimmer
- reef Octopus Br-1000 biopellet reactor
- Proclear 40g sump thats been custom cut.
- Bulkreef Carbon/GFO reactor

Captain smoke
06/06/2017, 10:38 AM
For the stand the only thing I didn't like about the stand was the cheap 1/4 board that the stand sat on. I reenforced the stand with 3/4 Maine plywood that allowed me to make sure that the tank sat level, and that if needed I could screw something in to it from inside the cabinet.

for plumbing I wanted to keep my tank to sump ratio close to 10x as I could so I went with all 1" PVC. for the drain I had to make some hard turns to fit the sump in so I went with one 90* and all 45* with two disconnect unions. On my return to keep from running a lot of pumps I installed a T fitting on the return after the gate valve so I can run the my media reactor off my main pump. I do have to say that I wish Deepblue would of drilled the tank for 1" and not 3/4. For my return I didn't want to cut the cutouts for line lock since once its cut thats it. so I installed a T fitting and ran my return over the top of the grates.

Captain smoke
06/06/2017, 10:54 AM
Since I was shutting down my 150g I took out the rock work that I wanted to keep and washed them in tank water to clean them of detritus and I bought 80lbs of new live Caribsea Fiji Pink, and built my aqua-scape. I didn't want to build a large wall or island but a nice level platform for my SPS. Rock work measures 3-14" from the glass bottom so I can get a nice growth from my stags. I filled the tank with new water using Redsea Pro salt, took 93 gallons to fill the tank and sump.

I allowed the tank to Mex for 72hrs and tested my levels all were 0,0 and measured to Redsea mix. in the mean time I took all my SPS and put them in my frag tank for safe keeping, I sold my left over rock, and most of the corals that Im not going with. My wife insisted on me keeping my LPS for some tank moment.

I added the corals and fish yesterday, I plan to keep 2 clowns, a diamond goby, star blemmy, and a 6 line wrasse. I have a extremely large Foxface Lo that I'm trying to find a home for so he's in the tank but not sure if he'll stay. I wish he could be in a 300g system to swim.

Tomorrow Im going to repeat my test and connect my dosing pump. I have a Jabeo 4 pump doser that I'm currently making a bracket to hand off the inside of the stand.

I also ordered a 5g Ruby ATO container from Tigger Systems that will fit in the stand next to my sump. I want to order the Tigger System Dosing containers but at 75$ each I can't do it now so I have some home made containers that fit in my void spaces. The container will be in tomorrow so Ill get that updated shortly.

My goal over the next few months when I can afford it, Tigger 36g Ruby sump, dosing containers to match and a Nyos protein skimmer thats rated for 150g-200g and sell the Skimz.

06/06/2017, 01:41 PM
following along.

have any closeups of the corals? hard to see from that last picture

Captain smoke
06/06/2017, 02:24 PM
yeah I'm going to get some really detailed pics. I took these with my iPhone.

some of my SPS collection. I have a lot of unknown named acros

- Jason Bennet true yellow acro
- Sunset milli
- miyagi tort
- Lime in the sky stag

Captain smoke
06/06/2017, 02:26 PM
some that I had on my phone