View Full Version : Radion registration issue

06/08/2017, 01:00 PM
I bought a second hand XR30 Gen4 PRO light from ebay but cannot add it to ecosmart since he still has it registered. I am not getting any response from the seller so how do I go about getting it unregistered so that I can register it on my own ecosmart live account??


06/11/2017, 04:14 AM
Plug directly into your computer and do a factory reset. Can't remember how I did mine--bought two and a G4 non-pro for coral QT here almost new--but I found out how to do it through Google.

Edit: It also helps to disconnect the reeflink while you do it. Think I had to do one light twice before it worked. Plug in, reset, logout and disconnect, connect the reeflink, log back in and find. I may have only been able to do one light at a time too but I can't remember--I am not tech savvy at all.