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06/09/2017, 09:40 PM
Dear All,

I know the conservative answer: anything he can't eat, and anything that won't nip at it. I am not looking at small fish. So what about the bigger fish, that will be a good "culture fit".

1. Miniata grouper
2. Navarchus angel
3. Puffer fish - I have read mixed reports. Thinking dogface or porcupine puffer.
4. Triggers - not the "bad boys" but how about Niger, Picasso?
5. Tangs - guess any, as long as they are big enough.

Not looking to go with all of these, just one or two. But would like to hear your thoughts on them as individuals, or any other suggestions you may have.

Many thanks.

Mr. Eel
06/10/2017, 08:41 AM
To suggest stock I would need to know your set up. Are params stable, how big is your tank, and what filtration are you running.

Sounds Fishy
06/10/2017, 08:58 AM
On two occasions I have had a combination of a large Volitan Lionfish with Yellow tangs and a Niger trigger,without issues. I even had large Volitan Lionfish with an Undulated trigger,for a couple years without issue,in one of those set ups mentioned( it isn't recommended,however).

06/10/2017, 10:26 PM
Obviously tank size matters, crowded fish brings out the negative behavior. I have kept many combinations of triggers with volitans; including a clown, blueline, niger, picasso, etc. Dogface puffers and emporer angel Over decades, never one incident and to this day I ask my friends in the aquarium maintenance business and their recommendation combos for large aggressive tanks include volitans with triggers, puffers, angels, and tangs. Other than an inadvertent nip in a feeding frenzy I have never personally witnessed volitans getting their fins nipped like so many of the internet warnings, On a side note, I've never met a porc puffer that wasn't a nipper.

07/02/2017, 07:09 AM
Assuming the size of the tank is adequate, I see no issues except the Miniatus grouper. Skip it! Had one in a 700 gallon that absolutely berated every fish in there (except the puffer for some reason). Glad to be rid of him!