View Full Version : Nuvo 20 SUPER LOUD! Please help

06/11/2017, 09:19 AM
Hey everyone!

My Nuvo 20 is terrribly loud! I haven't changed out the stock pump yet. I did take it out and add additional suction cups to the bottom and even switched out the tubing to a softer/clear tubing from homedepot

Needles to say, it's driving my wife crazy since it's in our living room and louder than the tv.

I was thinking about switching out the 1 pump for 2? One dedicated line for each return? Would that make it quieter? Or I've heard of people adding a sicce pump but can't imagine it would be much quieter??

Please help me!! Lol

06/11/2017, 01:28 PM
My stock pump is super quiet. Something has to be off. Is it touching the sides or vibrating against something else? It should not be loud

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06/11/2017, 02:10 PM
Just fixed it!!!! :dance:

Went to Walmart and bought a silicon pad, then went to the LFS and bought a MJ900. Wrapped the new pump in the silicon pad with a zip tie, replaced it and srsly DEAD silent. You can't hear a thing! 100% improvement. I'm so Stoked right now