View Full Version : Pink birds nest. Getting white at bottom / base

06/11/2017, 09:55 AM
Everything else in tank is thriving!!! What's up with birds nest?

I keep reading contradictory tank settings for them. High vs low flow, high vs low light.

Please help!!!



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06/11/2017, 04:36 PM
I'd frag that birds nest quick before you loose the whole thing.

06/11/2017, 05:10 PM
If you're losing a birdsnest you have a chemistry issue. They will thrive in pretty much any light and flow conditions.

06/11/2017, 05:22 PM
Not necessarily. Is it a new frag? Sometimes they die.

06/11/2017, 06:33 PM
Yeah it's a fairly new frag. Everything else is doing well. So frag at the white part?

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06/11/2017, 06:35 PM
Basically any white is bad on any sps coral.

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06/11/2017, 07:21 PM
Leave some colored tissue behind to make sure that there is no dead. If this happened really fast, then folks call this RTN - rapid tissue necrosis. Slower is STN.

If your tank is established and this frag was from a good source, then I would look for possible causes. Sure, frags die and people should not worry, but birdsnest are like dandelions and they at least call for a parameter check when they die.

If the newly cut frags live, just put them wherever you want - they are not picky and have hard requirements IME.

Razorback reef
06/11/2017, 11:01 PM
Tissue necrosis is likely due to shipping stress and chemistry changes from wholesaler to retailer to hobbyist.

Frag it and let it acclimate.