View Full Version : Miyagi tort losing skin

Bill Nye
06/13/2017, 06:51 AM
A couple days ago I picked up some new frags. I dipped everything in bayer like I normally do then put them in the tank. Yesterday I started attached frags to the rock and I noticed a small clearish colored nudibranch with white tipped frills directly next to a miyagi tort!

This morning I wake up to look for any nudibranches and the tort has lost a lot of flesh in the center of the frag. The tip and base are normal. Could nudibranches cause this much damage in one night or is there another cause?

I have two other acro and two montis frags I got from the same guy and they are doing fine. There is no other SPS in the tank other than these frags.

Sunday I did a 10% change with Red Sea Pro vs Blue Bucket because BRS sent it to me by mistake so I got it free. My alk is normally 8.5 and it rose to 9 after the change. I also just moved this frag from the bottom of the tank to the middle directly under an LED puck (nano box quad).

06/13/2017, 07:54 AM
I'd guess light induced bleaching or stning.

Bill Nye
06/13/2017, 09:17 AM
I'd guess light induced bleaching or stning.

Thanks for the reply.

The tank is a 50 gallon breeder which is 18 inches deep. It was in a frag tank with a Chinese LED over the top so I figured it would be ok moving half way up. I am going to remove the frag when the lights come on clip what I can then glue over any dead tissue and place it on the bottom of the tank again.

I have never had nudibranches in my tank before. I looked up monti and zoa eating nudis and they look a lot different than the one I saw. It was tiny and mostly translucent with just white tips to the frills on its back. The frills were more feather like than what I've seen on monti and zoa nudis which look more like tentacles if that makes sense. It was also near the acro frag which is far from any montis or zoa and couldn't be blown off the rock with a turkey baster. Very strange.

06/15/2017, 08:58 AM
That's a lot of change in intensity as well as the small alk swing. Either or could have sent it to rtn or stn. Not sure on the nudi, could it have caused the issue, sure depending on what it likes to eat. If you can find the nudi again, take a pic