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06/13/2017, 07:31 PM

I am starting my first nanotank. A Biocube 29. It's currently cycling with 20lbs live sand and 22 lbs of LR. Trying to start planning a stocking list.

I think I want a pair of clowns and a clown goby. Would also like to add a cleaner shrimp. Is that my max? Or could I add one more fish? If so what's a good choice with that mix?

I plan to keep LPS and zoas, etc. as well.


06/13/2017, 07:36 PM
I've had similar fish quantities in both a nanocube 28 and JBJ rimless 30. Currently I have a pair of clowns, a Midas blenny, flame angel, fireball angel, cleaner shrimp, fireshrimp, and anemone crab. Inverts really don't add to bioload so fish is the main thing to watch for. Granted, I am also running a large skimmer and 3 reactors (biopellet, carbon, and GFO).

My best advice would be to add slowly, not all at once. Start with a pair of clowns as they are super hardy, and let the biofilter catch up for a couple weeks then add another fish and wait again.

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06/14/2017, 07:27 AM
You could have one or two more small fishes. If you're new to the hobby, I would strongly recommend stocking slowly as mentioned, and then maybe waiting 6 or more months before adding any more fishes after those first three are in, just so you can really get comfortable with the tank and let it mature. The more fishes you have, the faster things could take a turn for the worse.

I would also recommend adding a skimmer if possible. The Aquaticlife 115 is inexpensive and fits nicely in the rear first chamber.

06/14/2017, 10:51 PM
Yep, go slow. Keep testing params and you should be able to see if your filtration staying ahead of bioload.
I run a BC32 LED, and I have:
2 Clowns,
Cherub Angel,
Orchid Dotyback,
Yellow Watchman Goby and Tiger Pistol Shrimp,
Tiger Conch,
2 Trochus snails,
4 Nasarius snails,
4 blue leg hermits,
4 red leg hermits,
A feather duster worm,
A Coco worm,
3 finger leather colonies,
Clove polyps,
Green star polyps, and
Red and green mushrooms.

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06/17/2017, 08:43 PM
I have 4 fish: clown pair, watchman goby, and a dart fish. Cleaner shrimp and also a pistol shrimp I never see.

I could prolly fit one more fish in as my nitrates are never above 5. And that the watchman is always hiding so he tank looks empty.

If I were starting over I would forgo the cleaner shrimp as it ****es off all the coral and steals food from my bta.

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06/17/2017, 09:38 PM
I have in my BC29.

1. Pair of black and white clownfish
2. Royal Gamma
3. Firefish
4. Bicolor blenny
5. Yashia Goby w/ candy cane pistol shrimp
6. Cleaner shrimp
7. 5 tiger nassarius (excellent job circulating my sand; feed each a 1/4 shrimp weekly)
8. 15 red legged hermit crabs
9. astrea snails.