View Full Version : Blue haddoni - expelling zooxanthellae (video & pics)

Mad Marine
06/14/2017, 06:37 AM

I purchased a blue haddoni last week, it's pretty big (bigger than a dinner plate), it was doing fine in my DT but then it started to expel a lot of zooxanthellae, it shrunk in size and its mouth wasn't looking good, so I decided to put in QT and treat with cipro. It has been in QT now for 2 days, it has lost a lot of it's colour but by any means not completely bleached (see attached picture). It gets 10 hours of LED (not strong) light per day and I treat with cipro when the lights go out. I perform 95-100% water changes daily (I test for ammonia every day and never detect anything). It looks best when I get home from work but in the morning after night treatment its mouth doesn't look good. I'm very familiar with RC treatment protocols. What is the protocol treatment in this situation?
Does the animal need cipro when zooxanthellae has been expelled? Is it expelling zooxanthellae because of a bacterial infection or because it has been in low-light during holding/transportation during chain of custody?

I also bought a gig at the same time, it's in my DT - slight colour change but mouth looks fine and seems to be doing okay.

Here is a video of my tank (before haddoni went into QT).


I have also attached pictures of anemone -
1. anemone upon arrival
2. in QT in the evening before treatment
3. in QT in the morning after treatment



06/17/2017, 10:47 PM
Sometimes they just need time to acclimate. I think it's probably best that you treated him. Don't wanna loose a blue haddoni. Don't worry about him expelling the brown junk, just keep treating and he doesn't need 10 hrs of light while being treated. Just minimal lighting and good flow. 6 hrs of low light is plenty. You can blast him with light after he's returned to the DT.