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Ray Whisperer
06/19/2017, 04:57 PM
Ok, so. I'm not really a regular here anymore. And, after looking through the most recent threads, I'm not seeing a general happy customer type thread to post in. (Mods, if I've missed it, and you don't want a bunch of these types of threads, feel free to move it.) Anyhow, I'm a man of my word, as well as a happy customer. So, I'm starting this thread to give a big THANK YOU to Richard, Dan, and the crew at TBS.

I've had rock from all over the world, over the years. Some fresh, some not, some even dead. I've even had rock from a direct competitor of TBS. Never have I had rock this fresh.

I ordered "The Package" for 30 gallons. So, I got the initial 30 lbs and the sand. It's nice rock, about what I expected for fresh live rock. Well, really fresh live rock would probably be a better term. I give it a really good soft cycle, changing 50% of the water daily without testing for anything. After 3 days, I figure I'll test the water. All 0's, about what I expected. No water change, and a day later, still 0's. So, a week after the initial 30 lbs, I email Dan for the remainder.

I picked it up at the airport again, and get it home. Just for poops and giggles, I test my tank again. 0's again without any additional water changes. Then I test the water from the box. 0's there too. I'm not sure what I expected to find in the box water, but with all the grime and detritus in the bag, I figured there's gotta be something.

So, second shipment. Well, I've seen pictures. However, I'm the type who believes none of what he reads, and half of what he sees. It's every bit of "all that" and then some. I can't see myself ever buying any other rock, ever again. Maybe dry, if I ever wanted to start a tank without anything but what I've put in it, but that's not my style, at least it's not right now. I'll trust in Mother Nature to provide the best natural filter for my systems. And I'll trust the crew at TBS to get it to me as quickly and as fresh as possible.

One last little bit before I leave you all again. I've been at this hobby quite a while. I have a lot of friends in various aspects of the reef/fish/coral business. Most of them thought I was nuts for spending what I did for this rock. I won't deny, I could have gotten some decent rock from several of them for significantly cheaper. However, I have zero regrets going the route I went. And some of those friends who've seen the rock agree. It's way nicer than what I outdoors have gotten from them. They may still think I spent too much. But really, what's quality worth to you? I'm of the mind "you get what you pay for." And while that's not always the case. It certainly is here.

Enough of me beating a dead horse. I'm sure you've all seen this type of thing more than a few times here. I'm just giving TBS a great review because I appreciate what they did.

Ray Whisperer
06/19/2017, 05:05 PM
Ok. I guess I should have proof read what I posted first... I'm not sure how "could" was replaced with "outdoors". So, yeah. It's could. And for some reason I couldn't edit it. So, this is my edit....