View Full Version : Jawfish Problems

06/19/2017, 07:47 PM
I've been running a 150g reef tank for about 8 months now (kept a 24g nano for about 2 years before converting it to a quarantine/hospital tank for my 150).

My dream fish is a blue dot jawfish but I have not had success with them. I have a 4-5 inch sand bed (oolytic) specifically for jawfish. Yet they always die on me. The longest I've kept one has been for about a month. I've gone through several blue dots & pearlys, sad to say. It's gotten so bad I've nicknamed my tank Jawfish Graveyard.

I have a little under 20 fish in total, all relatively small non-aggressive reef dwellers, with the exception of a purple & blue tang, a female swallowtail angelfish, a foxface and an engineer goby (not necessarily aggressive per se, but noticeably larger than the others).All my fish are healthy and eating well. No diseases, or cyano. But I do have a light dusting of diatoms on my sand bed.

Could that have anything to do with my bad luck with jawfish? Do diatoms hurt them? My aforementioned engineer goby and my pink spot Watchman have been fine, for what it's worth. I do think the Engineer and/or Watchman may have killed one of the jawfish, being that I saw it was injured right before it died, and saw both of the suspects acting aggressively toward it a couple times before it died. Hard to say if any others went out like that. But I did remove at least two dead jawfish that were in almost pristine condition when I found them.

Water chemistry is near to perfect now - 0 nitrates; Alk 8.8; Cal 440; Mag 1350;
Sal 1.023. Temp is stable at 77. Although it fluctuated pretty rapidly during the first few months, which probably caused the diatom flare up. I realize my tank isn't exactly established quite yet, but it's not exactly a new tank either.

In any case, has anyone else had problems keeping jawfish or know of any problems/tank conditions they're susceptible to? From what I've heard they should be fairly easy fish to keep. But that hasn't been my experience at all. Thanks for your feedback.