View Full Version : Chiller hookup?

06/20/2017, 07:45 AM
I for the first time am trying a chiller. Wife likes the windows open. Tank prefers windows closed and ac on!

Anyway, I have a trough sump in a basement fish room. Hammerhead Gold manifold feeds most equipment. I planned to use one T from manifold to feed the chiller and dump the output into the sump where drains from display empty (into a large bucket in the sump).

I was told that won't work. That I need to cut the final return going up to the display and run into chiller and back up to display. Otherwise the loop I describe above will not efficiently cool the water.

But... That would mean cutting a 1.5" line, reduce to 5/8, go to chiller then back out, then back up to 1.5" and up to the display.

Isn't that a no-no??

06/20/2017, 08:03 AM
Circuit in/out of sump works fine.

06/20/2017, 04:05 PM
Anyone else?

06/21/2017, 11:23 AM
Circuit in/out of sump works fine.

Plus +. I ran my chiller from the return manifold back into the sump for over a decade and it worked fine. It may not be the most efficient use of the chiller but typically a chiller has much lower flow than the return so there is very little cooled water being passed through the chiller anyway.