View Full Version : Peppermint Hogfish right for me?

06/22/2017, 02:16 PM
Hello to all been a while since I been on here. Okay so lets go over whats in my tank.

90 gallon 36*24*24..so pic a 3 foot long tank, 2 feet long from front to back and 2 feet tall...the bottom range is for hiding in rocks, burrowing in sand, and middish to top is open swim space, ahhhhh laps in the pool!

Inverts-Fire Shrimp/Scarlett Reef hermits, Blue leg Hermits, Blue Linka star, and coco feather duster/and some misc types of snails...mainly margretta, some Mexican turbos stuff of that nature, I do have some of the baby small snails that come from when they make babies...but honestly if they got eaten that's probably okay with me lol

Coral-SPS, LPS, mushrooms :)

Fish-In order from first put in ever to now, youngest addition is about 3 months old. Scissortail dartfish/tanak pygmy wrasse/blue assessor/Tomini Tang/pink skunk clownfish/bi-color chromis/and swalse swissguard basslet.

Well my question is simple...I think I want a peppermint hogfish or pacific redstripe hogfish as listed in LA. I have heard they jump...not worried about that, have a canopy and shes sealed up tight and overflow is too. I'm worried about my smaller fish...swalse swissguard basslet and my hermits and that's really it...maybe the snails too. He looks like a fish that might would eat something like a sexy shrimp...and or baby snail that was born a week ago type of fish....I heard there relatively peaceful??? His swimming patterns on some Youtube vids I watched didn't make him seem to be a bully...although I have a peaceful tank. My bi color chromis I would say is the most aggressive fish I have...and he causes no problems besides the occasional let me chase you for 6" then you can be my best friend the rest of the day. None of my fish fight or have torn fins or battle scares...they all are happy. I have one of those really cool fish traps that I'm sure a fish like him I could catch in it if need be and remove him. There not cheap btw either...you alls thoughts???