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06/22/2017, 04:54 PM
To make a very very long story short, my EB832 keeps shutting off on me intermittently, but mainly when a big load is being put on it. For example when the heater and lights are on at the same time. Tech support was no help after 32 back-and-fourth emails and even sending it back for "bench testing". Still same problem. New heater and took apart T5 fixture to inspect wires. Looks fine. No corroded wires or plugs. Everything works on an old reefkeeper controller. Everything works on mechanical timers. No circuit breaks. No equipment issues except when plugged into this piece of junk. Tech support seems to be happy I gave up and seemed happy to just finally close the ticket. 32 back-and-forth emails with probably about 25 of them related to this witch-hunt of blaming one of my pieces of equipment.

I preordered this thing on BRS a year ago. Since then, the head unit had to be replaced twice and now this issue with the EB832.

Someone on BRS reviews had similar problems with his EB832. Just throwing a line out there to see if anyone has had the same problem before I take my frustration out on this thing with a sledge hammer. I won't buy an aquarium controller anymore. Timers and a stand-alone temperature controller (with redundancy of-course) is more reliable than this thing.

1 year: 3 majors issues. I'm done.

10/05/2017, 06:57 PM
Just to provide an update on my situation, I went for a couple of weeks with mechanical controllers and a stand-alone temperature controller but decided it was not enough to keep a thriving SPS dominated tank. It was ok, but ideally I needed pH control and there wasn't really a good alternative out there other than these dedicated aquarium controllers.

I suspected that my EB832 was just a bad seed, possibly because it was one of the first ones sent out. Maybe it had some bugs that they eventually worked out and isn't a problem on the later EB832s. Also I wasn't hearing a lot of people with my same problem. I don't know--all I knew is that I needed some kind of aquarium controller for my style of reefing. So I gave in and bought a brand new EB832. I got it, hooked everything up using the same equipment I had on the old one, and everything worked perfectly. So that frustrating witch-hunt they sent me on trying to blame one of my pieces of equipment was a total waste of time as I suspected. But this is when I knew for sure that something was wrong with the EB832, which was still under warranty.

I never sent them an email telling them that I bought a new one and it works fine with all the same equipment, partly because I didn't think they would even care, since they were so quick to give up on me and leave it as is. Really I didn't want to waste anymore time with their tech support.

Out of the blue about a month ago, I got an email from them saying that they possibly knew what was wrong with it and wanted to reopen the ticket. After a little discussion, we decided that I should sent the unit back once again, which they were willing to pay for. This time, instead of just "bench testing" it and updating the software, it was thoroughly analyzed in depth by the tier 1 service technician and "some extensive repairs were made". I got it back in about a week, tested it out when I got the chance, and now it works perfectly.

Although I can still freshly remember the frustration associated with the initial witch-hunt, I am happy to say Neptune eventually got it right. My faith in this company is restored and I will again consider Neptune products in the future (although I will probably wait several months before buying a new release :spin1:)

Kudos to you guys for making it right. That's what good companies do.

10/05/2017, 06:58 PM

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10/14/2017, 05:40 PM
Awesome tank! Hi from University Heights!

10/15/2017, 12:18 PM

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