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Senor Jake
06/23/2017, 12:13 AM
I Intend on mounting the Tunze 9004 skimmer in the return compartment (#3) of my IM Nuvo 30L. Most people recommend it be placed in one of the overflow compartments (#1 and #5), because due to the size of the back compartments the 9004 has to be mounted sideways, and if it is mounted in #3 and magnetized to the baffle it blocks a return, whereas if it is put in #1 or #5 it can be magnetized to the side of the tank. I feel that it it is mounted in #3 the tank as a whole will run more efficiently because #1 and #5 can be both used as filter socks, and will catch the large detritus, and the skimmer can be focused on smaller impurities. As such I intend on mounting the skimmer in #3 which leads me to 3 questions about the product.

1. I own a Tunze ATO and have a stable water line. As such, would creating an acrylic box to act as a "stand" for the protein skimmer which is such a height that ensures the water line is aligned with the water level on the skimmer be effective?

2. Would it hinder the performance of the skimmer to open the skimmer up and place a tunze magnet inside the side of the skimmer, and consequently a magnet on the back of the tank so that the skimmer could be mounted on the side.

3. Do you think the surface skimmer on the 9004 is effective enough it could serve as a primary filter for 1 of the 2 overflows on a well stocked 30 gallon?

I've read these pages for years. Just registered tonight. I'm excited to see what you guys think.

IM 30L, 2 SKIMS QUIETPRO 1.2, 2 AQUAMAXX FR-S, 2 AI Prime, Vortech MP10WQD, Tunze 9004

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