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06/23/2017, 10:44 PM
I have recently realised that I am dosing more Mg than I am dosing Ca. I use the RedSea ( A,B,C ) Kh, Ca and Mg powders.

Is this normal? All my levels are fine but I thought Mg was always a small dose especially in comparison to Ca .

Kh 9.3, Ca 440, Mg 1320

Martin Kuhn
06/23/2017, 11:57 PM
Hello Joe

There is no normal in Ca vs KH vs Mg consumption. Each tank consumes this elements in a bit different amount to each other.

Just dose accordingly that you keep each level at a good/matching value and you are fine.

The reason that you are dosing "more" of the Mg stock solution is , that lots of recipes "concentrate" Mg salts in it only very little as the demand for Mg is normally quite low

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Ron Reefman
06/24/2017, 03:28 AM
Martin Kuhn is right, and I'll add that there is a 'normal' range for the way a tank consumes Ca, alk & Mg, but it's a range not a fixed percentage.

As to how much you have to dose, that's all about the brand and concentration of the product being dosed. Compare the volume of Ca you dose if you use Randy's Recipe #1 vs Randy's Recipe #2. The amount you dose is about double and either one is made with Dow Flake and RO/DI water!