View Full Version : First 180 Gal sump and tank build

06/24/2017, 10:50 AM
Well I don't really know where to start, this is my first thread but I've had a 55 Gallon tank for a while and it basically crashed over night on me. So I've turned it into an amateur refugium.

I'm in the middle of sanding down, priming and painting the God awful paint job that was on the stand before I got it. I've made a couple of routing holes and boxs for the tank too be plumped and wired.

I'm stuck on a couple pumps. The pump for the skimmer (I can't find a item number or even brand on the skimmer body) is a 3500 Sedra and just does not wanna pump water while fully submerged. I'm soaking the impeller in vinegar right now seeing if that will help. If not then I need to find an alternative pump. Does the Sedra 5000 have the same housing? It's a difference of dollars between the two brand new.

The hood that came with it has dual 24" lamps I'll get a pic of it once I start to sand it. I also have a pretty nice LED fluval that almost hugs the 180gal. It just barley sits on the tank. I'll try to get more shots of it later.

Also, I plan on getting another mandarin goby so I've been breeding cope pods. I have them in a separate breeding tank than the refugium right now. Would they be killed through just a regular return pump if they are being replaced to the display tank?