View Full Version : Purple tang killed my nassarius snail..

06/24/2017, 07:25 PM
I had just recently gotten a purple tang a few days ago and he hasn't been eating any meaty foods. I assume he's just not acclimated to my tank all the way yet. But he has been eating nori, I have been tying nori to one of the empty turbo snail shells and leaving it on the sandbed.

Tonight as I was turning the lights off, I took the shell out to remove the uneaten nori. I saw my purple tang look around the area and swim around the tank frantically, it seemed like he was looking for the shell. And right in front of my eyes, I see him peck at the nassarius snail's sweeper and consumed a chunk of it.. Is this normal? I have never heard of a tang kill any inverts or anything

06/24/2017, 09:31 PM
I had a pink spotted goby drag a nassarius snail into his lair once...quite terrifying to see actually. I suppose anything is possible with these animals.