View Full Version : White spot anemone shrimp missing?

06/24/2017, 08:09 PM
Hi everyone, I have a anemone shrimp who is hosting a leather mushroom/toadstool and basically lives in there 24/7 and even molts in there. But it just went missing yesterday and is still missing today. I am not sure what got him as my tank has almost no creatures that will take a shrimp. My inhabitants are, fish: sailfin molly, lawnmower blenny, 2 pyjama cardinals(1 may move out) and a yellow watchman. Inverts: glass cleaner shrimp, longnose shrimp, porcelain crab, pencil urchin, banded serpent star, black sea cucumber, a nassarius snail and 4 dwarf tip hermits. Let me clarify something about the PJ cardinals, they do not bother the shrimps at all, i had sexy shrimps waving their tails infront of them and they would just swim away. Any idea where my shrimp went? I really want to find him, oh and the shrimp is healthy,eating well and molted a week ago. Thanks!

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