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06/27/2017, 03:02 PM
Actually, I think my shrimp had babys, today. Nothing in this tank but 2 red shrimp, a rock and a few worms, and I didn't it. (7gal). Any way I was trying to find what to feed them. Oyster feast(1-200 micron), phyto plankton (1-20 um(?)), or sea monkeys (Brine shrimp). I could toss them into the 65 and see who makes it. Thanks.

06/28/2017, 06:51 AM
Fire shrimp or peppermint shrimp? Fire shrimp and peppermint shrimp larvae should both be put into a kreisel tank to keep them in suspension and if you do get to that point the fire shrimp larva will need parvo pod napuli to get them through their first few molts where they then can be moved to rotifers then baby brine shrimp. Peppermint shrimp can take rotifers and baby brine right out of the gate. There are some pretty detailed write ups abut raising peppermint shrimp but far fewer about the fire.

06/28/2017, 08:46 PM
Thank you. Don't know what type of shrimp, and 'red shrimp' did not get anything from search.

06/29/2017, 06:26 AM
Are they kind of a muted red with some off red striping? If so peppermint shrimp. Is it BRIGHT red with white dots and white legs? Then it's a fire shrimp.

06/29/2017, 11:50 AM
Apparently peppermint, but I can't see the markings. I Have a camera but it is not working. They look like it, and one of them has black on the bottem, I can only assume eggs. Ill look them up and research now than I can find it, and I thank you.

06/29/2017, 12:16 PM
Yup, if its dark underneath the tail then they most likely have more eggs, they produce them all the time. Its great coral and fish food when you have those critters in the tank. But if youd like to try and take on the challenge of raising the shrimp fry I found an article on the marine breeder initiative website that I'll attatch http://www.mbisite.org/Forums/tm.aspx?&m=67807&mpage=1