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06/27/2017, 05:05 PM
So I am getting ready to finalize the wire plan for my fish room and want to evenly distribute my electrical load over several circuits. I would like help compiling a list of all equipment you may think I would want or need.

Current tank that I am setting up is 475gallons (84" x 45" x 29"). I. Will have a ~150 gallon sump (75gal water), 125gallon fudge, and 1-2x 80gallon frag tanks.

Current list:

Light (single circuit in ceiling) - 1608W
6x radion gen4 pro (6x190w) - 1140W
12x 39W T5 - 468W

Light - Kessler H380 2x 90W - 180W
Possible pump to keep detritus suspended ~50W

Closed loop:
2x RD Speedy 230W pumps - 460W

Skimmer supermarin 250-300 - 50-60W
Manifold pump: 50-80W
Return pump- RD 150W or vectra L1 (for battery backup)
Fuge feed pump- 50W
Geo 818 Ca reactor 48W
Heater 2x300W - 600 W

Tank flow
2x MP60 - wax 60W - 120W

Frag tank flow
4x MP40- 4x 38W - 152W (2 each)

Frag tank lights
2x radion gen4 pre 380W
8x 54W T5 432W

So here is my list so far. Any input for further equipment would be greatly appreciated.

06/27/2017, 11:02 PM
I have a very similar build, I'll try to help out a bit.

I have the same pumps for my closed loop. How many outlets do you have? I'm running mine on Ocean Motion 4 Ways. With 2 x RD3 230w Pumps on the OM 4 ways it provides a TON of flow and I don't think you would need any extra pumps. I also have sea swirls on my return.

Have you thought about using a RD3 230w as a return pump as well? This can also replace your manifold pump that way you have 1 pump instead of a return and a manifold pump and it allows you room to add since it is much more powerful then the smaller RD3 pumps. Also, that way if you ever need a spare you have 1 pump that can replace your return or closed loop pumps. I also think 1 RD3 230w can be your return, manifold, and frag tank pump. They are extremely strong.

I would get a BK SM 250 for your size tank. A 300 would more then likely be overpowered, I would talk to Scott (Slief) if you want a 2nd opinion. Also, with the 250 you only have 1 pump to worry about cleaning / adjusting.

Regarding Lighting, LED & T5 is the way to go. Personally, I went with the ATI LED Powermodule's and love them. With your tank, you can go with 2 x 36" models which have 2x75 Watt LED Modules and 8 x 39 Watt T5 lights in each fixture. The ATI light can grow anything you throw at it even at a 29" depth and you will be at 924 watts total at 100% vs your 1608 and your cost should be slightly cheaper up front.

The radions are also a good option, personally I bought the Gen 3 Pros and them sold them after a few days and went with the ATI Light.

The GEO Calcium reactor is a good one. Just make sure you get an Aquarium Plants Carbon Doser Regulator and if you want to do it right, check out the thread regarding the Masterflex Peri pumps.

I personally went the DaStaCo route. For ~2K you can get one of the top 2 calcium reactor setups available and it comes with everything, reactors, peri pump, controller, etc. All you need is a CO2 Tank and media.

Also, on a tank that size you definitely want a controller. Are you going with an Apex? I personally would only go with an Apex or Profilux.

06/28/2017, 09:32 AM
I will be doing the same for my CL. One of the RD3 230w is going through a oceans motion and the other will return through sea-swirls. I was hoping to avoid any additional pumps. The 2x MP60's is if I need additional flow. I am hoping that I do not. The return will also go through some swirls for good random flow.

I have thought about the 230w for a return/manifold/sump/fuge pump as well but wanted to have the ability to have battery backup for the return and the Vectra offers that. OVerall I will likely just go with the RD pumps since they are so nice. I love the 230w's that I currently have.

Scott did recommend the 250 so I will likely go with that.

I will research the powermodules. I am looking for nice even spread of light and I have researched the data the BRS has put out so a lot of thought has gone in to my lighting that I mentioned above but can never do enough research.

Yes I will be running an apex on this tank. I have the older series on my current tank and also bought one of the new kits. I don't know if I will use both but I will have a backup for redundancy if there is ever an issue.

I am really excited about this tank but setup has been more than slow. Haha. Lots of work to build a full fish room when you only have an hour or so per night to work on it.

06/28/2017, 10:28 PM
Your off to a great start!

The RD3 pumps as you said are top quality. I think you will be more then fine with a 230w for your return/manifold/sump/fuge pump. The Vectra pump doesn't even come close to the RD3 pumps. I would look into some sort of backup generator or something in case of power outages.

From what I've seen, the Powermodules are the best lights available and have the best reputation and are proven to grow anything.

My build took me forever as well. I'm extremely busy so it took forever, but the build process is extremely laboring but it is so much fun to plan and research and set up your dream tank.

My best advice, take your time, plan ahead and have fun! Make sure to start a build thread to keep us updated!