View Full Version : All my fish breathing heavy and what to feed puffer

06/27/2017, 07:15 PM

I am new to the hobby of marine fish, but have kept freshwater for many years. I have a 29 gallon saltwater tank with a canister filter rated for 50 gallons, a HOB filter rated for 30 gallons, and a powerhead that pumps about 550 GPH. The only stocking in my tank is one clownfish, two bangaii cardinals, one yellow watchman goby, and a saddle valentini puffer.

This morning when I went downstairs to check on the tank and feed, I noticed all my fish breathing heavy. I did a water change yesterday, but still went ahead and checked the water parameters. Ammonia and nitrite was 0, nitrate looked to be about 20 ppm. PH has maintained the steady 8.0 and my salinity read 1.026. I decided against a second water change and fed mysis shrimp to the fish like normal. All were hungry and ate very well. I thought maybe they weren't getting enough oxygen and turned the powerhead all the way to the surface, as well as the canister filter's spraybar to the surface, as well as two air stones. I just got home about fifteen minutes ago and now it is nine PM. Their breathing is still pretty labored but has calmed down.

Here are the recent changes in my tank:
Two days ago I installed my canister filter. It has foam inserts, carbon, bio balls, and ceramic rings. Last Friday I added the bangaii cardinals and YWG, but have not seen the YWG since, my rocks are pretty porous and he is about 1-1.5 inches, just a baby. I have not had any ammonia or nitrite spikes, so I don't think he has died, just scared and hiding for right now. I did not quarantine the fish, but I trust the people I bought them from and the bangaii cardinals have been very healthy. Nothing besides this random labored breathing has made me think there is a disease in the tank. Lastly, the past two days there has been massive algae growth all across my rocks that I have not seen before.

I am starting to get worried since their breathing has been labored for a long while now.

On a side note, what do you guys feed your puffer? The store I bought him from said mysis shrimp only two to three times a week. I do not trust that - I think it is the last time I will ever buy a fish from them. Doing my research, I have read squid, clams, mysis shrimp, and dried seaweed. Mine won't eat flaked, and prefers mysis shrimp 10x more than brine shrimp.

Thank you for any help, this hobby has been kind of stressful so far and this is just another random thing I can't figure out!!