View Full Version : Getting geometric Hawkfish from Saltwaterfish.com question

06/28/2017, 05:32 PM
Hey there, so I recently placed an order for a geometric hawkfish from saltwaterfish.com that will arrive at my door step on the 6 of July. The fish says he comes from Bali. I had not realized it but I have only ordered from saltwater fish.com once and it was this same fish about a year ago! Well like a good fish owner I kept him in quarantine for I believe 2 or 3 weeks...I was just about to put the fish into the DT and out of no where he just stopped eating and died. It really to this day was the weirdest thing ever...so it was sort of ironic that after my recent purchase was made I went thru my orders from saltwater fish.com and realized the only order ever made was for that particular fish. My question is this, is it necessary bad to get fish from the Philippines or close to that area, my local fish store says they do not get fish from there bc of the use of cyanide? I spoke with Bluezoo Aquatics one day and they said that the use of cyanide is pretty much obsolete and rarely used? My next question is, has anyone used saltwaterfish.com...I read online some horrible reviews and negativity. In my defense the fish was on sale for HALF the price of any other online website...minus LA but it was still cheaper than LA.