View Full Version : Proper size breeze

06/29/2017, 05:42 PM
I have an Elos 120XL which measures 48"X31.5"X19"T. I'd like to get a breeze to keep my tank temp under 80 degrees during the summer months. My ATO water comes in from the garage and combined with the MH's, it does barely get over 80, but I'd like to keep it closer to 78-79. What size would you recommend? I have no issues with the biggest one if it would be most efficient. Thanks. JP

06/30/2017, 08:13 AM
I would suggest getting the 5-fan unit which will cover most of the width of your tank. If you'd like to control the fan speed through your ProfiLux, you can do so with the PropellerControl-2.1 accessory.

07/22/2017, 04:13 PM
Thanks Vinny! Just connected the 6-fan unit and it's running off the propellers controller. My touch shows a snowflake on the display and I assume it's taken control. Whats the easiest way for me to confirm it's working off the Profilux and not just powered up on one speed. Sorry for the newbie question, I'm still coming up to speed on the P4. Thanks. Jeff

07/23/2017, 08:15 PM
This was answered on another thread. Thanks!