View Full Version : MP40 placement/long tank overflow in the way

06/30/2017, 09:05 AM
So I have an issue with flow because my overflow is long and gets in the way. Attached is my current tank and MP40 placements. I have mostly SPS and ecotech's calculator says 3-4 MP40s or 2 MP60. I have 4 MP40s and 1 MP60 sitting around. How should I move the MP40s to help with flow in front of the overflow? I was thinking one on each side of the overflow then one on the right and left side of the tank. But, my tank is so long that I don't think the MP40s would be powerful enough. Thoughts?

07/06/2017, 11:40 AM
Interesting. Is this tank setup and you don't have enough flow, or is it not yet setup and you are thinking you will not have enough? I am in the process of a similar build, a 96" long tank with a 36" MM overflow box. In my case the internal box is only 1 1/2" proud of the back wall, and the tank is 36" deep (front to back). I am planning to use a MP60 on each end and two MP40 on the back right under the internal skim box.