View Full Version : Pistol shrimps pairing up

06/30/2017, 07:47 PM
Is it common for two pistol shrimps to pair up with a single goby? I ask because I was given a second shrimp goby from a good friend who was breaking down his reef. The new goby looked lonely so I figured I'd get it it's own pistol shrimp to pair up with. I got the shrimp and placed him opposite side of the tank from the other shrimp/goby pair. This morning i noticed both shrimps working the same burrow and sharing the resident goby. The other goby seems the odd man out as he stills navigates the tank looking for a home. Wondering if I get a third pistol shrimp if it will house with the pair and again ignore the new goby. Just wondering what to expect and see if it's a common occurrence. JP