View Full Version : Calcium reactor avaibility

07/02/2017, 08:46 AM
Hi Roger ,

Am looking to buy a tunze calcium reactor 3171 for my sps system but can't seem to find them anywhere .
Are they available in the US yet ? Also , how good is the self prime so that I don't have to use something like a masterflex peristaltic pump to pump water into the reactor ?


07/03/2017, 09:22 AM
It works very well, it is very simple, as long as enough water is in the reactor to run the pump, it will fill itself the rest of the way when plugged in. It can also be primed much like a canister filter with just placing the inlet in the tank and sucking on the outlet. So far no mail order companies have stocked these. I believe AquaCave has them for drop shipment and I am sure many others will do the same. I do have them in stock here.

07/03/2017, 12:07 PM
Thanks Roger for the quick reply .
Can it be used internal in the sump ? I would like internal but need to know dimensions of the 3171 .
The other thing is how do we recirculate CO2 to bump pH ?


07/05/2017, 08:14 AM
It is the same basic body and footprint as a 9410 skimmer, 9.1" by 5.9" by 13.8". I am not clear on what you mean by the CO2 recirculation, it does recirculate the CO2, it is pulled off the top and back into the pump, with the needle wheel pump the CO2 is very thoroughly dissolved. While you will likely see some pH drop from the CO2 addition, if the nutrients are low this will not cause any harm to the tank as long as it is within reason, corals will grow as fast or faster and algae should not explode. The only way to remove it is to feed the drip output into a refugium or algae reactor, while you could add it near a skimmer this tends to lead to a lot of calcium build up in the skimmer pump and a lot more maintenance.