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07/02/2017, 12:11 PM
Hi all,new to the forum not sure I posted in correct place!ok so basically I have 2 kessil 160we on a reefer 170 I only have sps but have no growth and colours aren't great,my schedusl starts at 12am builds up to 80%intensity to 75%colour my peramaters are sweet so I'm sure it's down to lighting,just wondering what the lighting schedual is for people using kessil lighting and what success there having with sps,I'm seriously considering going t5,I've search the web for ideas and there's not much out there my biggest problem is that I'm not sure what the spectrum is as the controller doesn't say it just gives the in percentage of colour!so how do I know what Kelvin the light is!!any tips guys be great to hear[emoji106]

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07/03/2017, 10:26 AM
I have 3 160's (and T5's) over my 22g nano. I run a 12hr cycle, with a 3hr ramp up, hold peak for 6hrs, then ramp down for 3hrs. I'm only hitting 60% intensity during peak and my color goes from 0% to 25% following the same ramping schedule as the intensity.
I used to run my color higher, but I've found running below 50% brings out more color (in my system).
How old is your tank? How much flow? Parameters stable?