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07/02/2017, 04:05 PM
New to hobby. I've started a Biocube 29. Have been doing research and want to upgrade it a little but still be cost friendly(well as best that is possible in this hobby) i plan to keep softies/LPS/anemone/possible easy SPS.
I am considering a few things and have a few questions?

1) Is a Jebao RW-4 and a Hydor Flo water deflector (for the return pump) enough flow? (Can't afford MP10 right now)
2) Is a Current USA Orbit Marine LED light enough of an upgrade over stock lights to consider taking off the lid for the price? (Or do I wait and save up for Retrofit kit like RapidLED?)
3) Do I need a controller like an Apex Jr or RKL?
4) Is an Intank media basket a necessity? I've made a DIY eggcrate basket after removing the bioballs but can't tell if it is really working any better.
5) Can I get away without a skimmer? I only plan to keep max 4 fish.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help. I feel overwhelmed and just want to do it right...

07/02/2017, 04:18 PM
I wouldn't skimp on the lights. Most ppl use a maxi jet 1200 as a return. I like having a skimmer if for nothing else aeration. I use a wp-25 from jebao and a hydor nano power head in the tank. I also run a fuge and a media basket. Don't have a controller but you should look into a auto top off( ato)

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Ryan Darilek
07/02/2017, 04:27 PM
I would look into the Steve's LED kit... I've got one on my BC32 and it's all worth every single penny!

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07/06/2017, 04:52 PM
I use the stock pump with the rotating flow deflector n the rw4 i think its good enough for my setup. Lights i install the ai hydra52, its an over kill but i had it n it fits inside the canopy. I mainly have btas, clowns n red macro algea n some softies n lps. If you will not use the canopy, i would go with ai prime, ai hydra26, or the kessil 160. I dont think you need a skimmer unless you already have one laying around, put the money towards a good led light, thats what i would do.