View Full Version : Starlicki Damsel and Tomini tang rapid breathing in quarantine

07/02/2017, 05:18 PM
I received a Starlicki damsel and a Tomini tang from Divers Den on Friday. temp acclimated , matched the QT tank water to their water, and released. Saturday they were out and about and swimming well and eating. I did not take notice of their breathing Saturday. Today they are still eating fine, and for the most part swimming around (if I am not present, I setup a webcam to observe them), but I notice they are both breathing extremely rapidly.

The QT tank is a 20H with an Aquaclear 30. Also I have a sponge filter in one corner and two airstones on the back and side, so I really think I've got more than enough water movement and aeration in the tank. Ammonia tests at 0 on an API kit and shows zero on the ammoalert badge. I put some prime in the water just in case.

Here is a video of their behavior (sorry for vertical, I couldnt get them in view the other way). Around the 20 second mark you can see me put some food in the tank which they go right after. Around 40 seconds I zoom on the tang.


Any ideas? Do I wait this out some? Start Prazipro treatment?

07/03/2017, 12:58 PM
You might try dimming the light: it may just be agitation.