View Full Version : Do You Have Red Firefish Nemateleotris Magnifica In Your Aquariam

07/02/2017, 05:24 PM
Do you have any Red Firefish in your aquarium? What are their needs as far as shelter, food and water parameters. They look like very interesting fish.:beer:

07/02/2017, 07:10 PM
i have had many. you cannot keep them in groups, they eventually kill eachother off. they are one of the easiest fish, almost nothing different about them, but you CANNOT KEEP THEM IN GROUPS UNLESS YOU HAVE A VERY LARGE AQUARIUM. pairs are ok. they do fine in anything 10 gallons+. they do jump, so a lid is a must

07/03/2017, 01:13 PM
I currently have one, and he's resilient (he was the only one to survive the bout of Marine Velvet that decimated my tank). I feed him an alternating schedule of frozen brine shrimp and TetraMarine Flakes.

Personally, mine likes to take shelter under any rock. I would make sure to provide many hiding spaces for the firefish. As Kremis noted earlier, you must be sure to have a lid on the tank. In my experience, they will not jump unless harassed by other fish.

I keep my tank around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Ammonia, Nitrites should be absolutely 0ppm, and I would keep Nitrates under 5ppm. He was able to tolerate some neglect and I would recommend him as a beginner fish if you are just starting up. He was the first fish that I added into my 75 gallon.

I am not sure how susceptible to diseases like Ich or Velvet they are. I have heard cases of a couple of firefish dying of unknown causes, but I have heard cases like that in a bunch of fish.

Good luck!

(liveaquaria.com also is a good source for water parameters and gives a good overview of the fish.)