View Full Version : substrate for cics..

07/02/2017, 09:55 PM
I'm soon to be setting up my 55 gallon tank for Cichlids. I understand they require a higher pH and water hardness level than other "freshwater" species.
I've read that by using Crushed coral would be an option as well as using Epson Salts/ Sodium Bicarbonate (Backing soda) as per tbsp to gallon ratio.
There are several other natural substances one is able to use as well - the list is endless (from what I understand anyways!)
I was going to purchase a 50Ibs bag of Swimming pool filter sand but see no useful elements in this product that would help sustain the pH and or hardness levels in the tank however its great for the biological part of the filtration system in the tank - again, So I've read!
Thanks in advance! :fish2: