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Lord,Darth Bane
07/02/2017, 10:24 PM
Hi Roger,

My SPS mixed tank is 36” x 20” x 20”. Currently I am still using the “old way” to create flow with timers and 2 pumps placed in the left and right side of the tank. Timers are set to stimulate tidal flow as following:

0am ~ 6am – pump1 on, pump2 off.

6am ~ 12pm – pump1 off, pump2 on.

12pm ~ 6pm – pump1 on, pump2 off.

6pm ~ 0am – pump1 off, pump2 on.

There are some overlapping time in between that both pumps are turned on and off.

As the pumps are getting old I am thinking of upgrading them to better one. Eyeing the Tunze, but I want to keep the above time tidal pattern in the new setting. I am after some suggestions:

1. Which model should I get for my tank? Would two 6095 be enough? Or better with two 6105?

2. I read that these newer electronic pumps are included with controller, but the stock controller doesn’t have timer function. So I have to add another controller to set the above time tidal pattern, right?

3. From the Tunze catalog I read that there is an “interval mode” ( The pump channels are switched on or off alternately. The water flows through the reef from both sides at an adjustable switching time from 1 minute up to 12 hours.) Is this what I am using? And both the Multicontroller 7095 and SmartController 7000 can do this?

4. When using the “interval mode”, can the “pulse mode” be used together? For example, at 0am~6am, pump1 is on and pump2 is off. Could pump1 produce pulse flow? Or it is just constant flow?


07/03/2017, 10:03 AM
For that size tank 2 6095's should be ideal. With the attached controller what you can do is network the two and set up a pulse so every 2-10 seconds the speed changes and then you can set the other in inverse so one is on high and the other is on low. With the 7095, 7097 or 7000 you can set an interval with the pulse. It is hard to justify the 7095, it only stays around for technophobes and maintenance companies that don't want to have to deal with computers or technology to make settings. The 7000 would do pH and temp control as well as be able to switch lights and other devices and run the pumps, so for the money it is the best option and everything can be set by any device with WIFI and a web browser. 7097 would be a less expensive option but only works with Windows and requires connection by a USB cable to make the settings.

Lord,Darth Bane
07/03/2017, 10:40 AM
Thanks Roger. Sounds good. So now the decision is between the controllers.

Which do you think is easier to set up and use? The 7097 or 7000?

Would there still be future updates for the 7097 such as new wave pattern or controlling by mobile phone? I guess no as they have already made the 7000?

I like the 7000 for being able to control by mobile (android is ok right?) but the additional features seem a waste for me as I probably never use it. (My LED already has built in wifi control)

07/05/2017, 08:07 AM
7097 has no wifi or bluetooth capability so while it will get updates it is Windows only by USB and updates will be limited and likely this product will be end of life in a few years. It was largely to fill a gap between 7096 and 7000 and now that the 7000 is here it is less relevant. I would go with the 7000, I really like mine but I use all the features, it switches my lights on, runs a heater and chiller and a solenoid for my calcium reactors and runs the pumps. It does work with Android, I do generally find it easiest to use on a tablet and updates need a laptop as you have to download a file and drag and drop it in a box to install it, it is an easy process but I have not been able to pull it off on an iPad. The updates are worth doing as they also add a log book that you can enter in daily notes and water test results.

Lord,Darth Bane
07/06/2017, 07:54 AM
Does the 7000 need to be connected to the home wifi network to work? Or I just need to use my mobile/laptop to connect to its own wifi network to control it?

For example my AI Hydra lights have both option. I just use my mobile to connect to its hydra wifi network to control them.

The home wifi signal is a bit weak near the tank. If it must need to connect to the home wifi network I'll have to reset the modem location.


07/06/2017, 08:58 AM
You can do either, for remote access it needs to be connected to your home router and a VPN established, but for just every day use you can just directly connect to it, it comes up as network #7000SmartController. I use the direct connection.

Lord,Darth Bane
07/09/2017, 09:10 PM
Sounds good Roger.

Do you know if the US model 7000 controller can be used with 220v? ie. Its adapter would automatically switch between 110V and 220V? Or Tunze have released different models for them?

I couldn't find the 7000 locally in Hong Kong and thr dealer said it wouldn't be available before Oct. I am thinking of buying one from US.

07/10/2017, 08:34 AM
It uses the same power supply as the Osmolator which is 12V 1600mA and takes input of 100-250V 50-60Hz. It will work.

Lord,Darth Bane
07/10/2017, 07:19 PM
How about the US version of 6095? Will it also work?


07/11/2017, 07:59 AM