View Full Version : Whats the deal with GFO

07/03/2017, 08:42 AM
Have ran it forever, sps tank looks fine, growth, color. These days the trend is to ditch GFO, and go "natural" with macro export.

I read people say it can shock corals, but when used as recommended, no issues at least my experience. Whats the deal with it? Any side effects long term Im not aware of?

I know they bind trace elements, but I do water changes often with a good salt, so Im sure I can spare some.

Thanks for the help

07/03/2017, 12:21 PM
Cost and/or convenience are two reasons I don't use it very much any more . Used it for years but for the last 5 or so organic carbon dosing makes it unnecessary to maintain PO4 levels around 0.02 to 0.04ppm in my highly fed system.
Other than that there is a potential to overdo it and cause a phosphate deficiency if the focus is on zero phosphate. It does bind some metals and silicate but I don't consider those bad outcomes.

07/03/2017, 02:00 PM
I used it for years as a sort of safety net on my tanks, and had no problems. I was growing soft corals, though, so I can't comment on stony corals very much. Some tanks seem to have issues with GFO, at least in the quantities used, so I'd be cautious with any system that's doing well.