View Full Version : Black clownfish in quarantine passing...something + Ocellaris black spots

07/03/2017, 10:38 AM
Hi guys,

Coming back to the hobby after a few years absent, first post here.

I just started a new tank and am currently quarantining a pair of black clownfish. They had been at my LFS store when I closed the deal on the tank and they were kind enough to hold'em in a separate tank while I was cycling my new aquarium, so they were there for at least a month, looking good and eating.

When I got them home, I did the acclimitazing and prepared a freshwater dip with matching temperature and Ph. The dip only lasted 30s as I didn't like their behavior and then moved them to the quarantine tank. I quickly noted one of them passing something which I first thought something could have gone wrong and it was spilling its organs out from behind, but the thing quickly separated and it still alive after a day, so I'm hoping that is not the case. The "something" keep showing up at the bottom of the tank, I am imagining it could simply be stool but the other pair of clownfishes I had in a quarantine before didn't leave anything behind, so that's why I am not so sure. Any help is appreciated, here are some pics:





Their behavior is a bit strange, they are mainly staying at the bottom, sometimes even sideways...I did think something went wrong and I would loose them but then they started swimming alright (although they tend to go back and stay at the bottom again). They are eating well anything that passes in front of them, but will not go after food if it is far away, maybe they are just a bit shy still after a day and a half in the QT? Any comments would be appreciated.

And since we are here, I noticed on one of the regular ocellaris a few black spots on his left fin and also where the fin joint with the body, here are the pics:



I do not think it is black ich as the spots seem to be too big for that and they seem to be in the flesh, not attached to it. From what I researched it looks like hypermelanization, however between being at the LFS + QT this fish for sure did not have contact with any anemones or corals for at least 60 days (probably more). Maybe it is the normal pattern for this specimen or it came with this hypermelanization which is lasting a long time? My fault, I cannot say when the spots appeared as, from previous (bad) experience, I was looking for white spots when I bought and quarantined it, not black spots...Thoughts?

Thanks guys.