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07/05/2017, 02:47 PM
So I'm getting a 32 gallon biocube, and with a new tank comes new stocking possibilities. For this tank, I was thinking about an african flameback angel, either some banggai cardinals or a pair of clowns, and some kind of jawfish/blenny. any thoughts or problems with the stocking?

07/05/2017, 07:19 PM
I would rework all of that. The angel will be a jerk in a tank that size. Banggai cardinals are not schooling fish. When in a group, a dominant pair will kill off the rest. A pair of smaller clowns can work. I've kept a pair of clowns in a 30 gallon and another pair in a 75 gallon. You can definitely see that they're happier in 75 gallons. They look bored in a 30 gallon and generally just sit in one spot.

Jawfish are cute. With the right setup, you can definitely add one and maybe even base your entire tank around it. Just make sure the tank is covered.

Half Vaped
07/06/2017, 02:19 AM
In my 28G, I'm keeping an African Flameback, Banggai Cardinal, Six-Line Wrasse, Blue-Dashed Blenny and Wheeler's Shrimp-Goby. Most sane reefers would recommend against keeping the Flameback and Six-Line in such a small tank, but I think it's possible to make it work with some luck and effort.

I've had the Flameback for over a year in that tank and it's never nipped on coral. It had, however, killed a Midas and Canary Blenny after several weeks of no issue. It tried to kill a Tanaka Possum Wrasse, but I was able to rescue it before it was too late. It gets along great with the "tougher" fish, like what I keep it with now (so far).

Honestly, you're better off without the Flameback, but if you insist, I recommend adding it last and only with "tough" tankmates. You'd have to be very careful with what Blenny/Jawfish you keep it with. I consider the Flameback the centerpiece of the tank, but it has limited my choices for other fish in there.

If you drop the Flameback, you have more options available. Maybe some Firefish, a Possum or Pink-Streaked Wrasse, Royal Gramma or some Basslet. I agree with Mike about keeping only a mated pair or single Banggai.

07/06/2017, 10:36 AM
Thanks for the responses.

I think I'm going to try adding the jawfish and pair of banggais first, let them acclimate for a few weeks, then try the flameback.