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07/09/2017, 03:46 PM
Hello everyone.
I'm fairly new to the greeting world but enjoying myself so far.
This post is about a new sump I'm going to build.
I currently have a diy sump which has worked extremely well....
However, I am going to be building a new sump.... this is because I'm adding another tank in another room and piping it to the same sump.

So.... the details

I'm in the UK

Current sump is
35in length x 16in height x 16in depth
890mm x 400mm x 400mm

The build is a base of 8mm glass with 6mm sides.
There are 7 baffles all are 4mm thick.

No bracing, no problems with support, no bowing with water levels

The new sump... intended
54in length x 21in height x 18mm depth
1380mm x 530mm x 450mm

I'm wondering if a 10mm base with 8mm sides would work?
Still planning on using 7 baffles, could use 4 or 6mm for the baffles.

Just after general experience with this sort of size and what people have done?