View Full Version : ATI T5 fixture over IM Fusion Lagoon 25

07/11/2017, 09:53 PM
Hi everyone, just downsized to the Lagoon 25 and want it to be SPS dominant. I am interested in lighting it with an ATI sun power because I do not want to adjust color spectrums and just want to plug a fixture into my controller and be done. I just am not sure if I should go with the 4 or six bulb fixture. Never has a 12 inch tall tank. Thanks

07/11/2017, 11:08 PM
interested to see what others have to say. I tried the AI HD Prime LED unit over my IM Lagoon.

I come from MH set ups on all my previous tanks with SPS and all I can say is I do not like LED at all haha way too much controllability so I sold my unit and went back to a 250W SE MH set up. Yes it uses more power yes it means more evaporation but man the LED unit just wasnt doing it for me. Growth was nill and coloration was not good.

I was thinking T5 but never have tried before.

07/12/2017, 09:52 AM
Go 6 so you can have more bulb combos to play with, as well as more power since you want it to be SPS dominant (and the price difference between 4 and 6 probably isn't that much; heaven forbid you realize/wonder if 4 bulbs isn't enough).

Whatever it is you'll have no problem lighting it either way. The 6 instead of 4 actually will probably help more with spreading out the light back to front than providing more intense lighting for the corals in the tank.

I'd love to throw a few T5s in my tank to even out my LED lighting, but there's a really short supply of 16" bulbs, and it's a pain to retrofit (and I'm pretty lazy).

I'll stop commenting there, because I'm tired of every thread discussing lighting options turning into LED vs. T5/MH. They're all good. You'll really enjoy your tank with T5s or any other lighting option you choose.

07/12/2017, 02:42 PM
I have had t5 and halides on previous tanks and would love to just go halide but I keep hearing that bulb manufacturers may stop producing the bulbs. I love the Phoenix 14k with sps