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07/12/2017, 06:58 AM
Hi Everyone! This is my first post here, so please excuse me if I make it blatantly obvious that I don't know what I'm doing :)

TLDR: Have 8 specialty zoas who have been through hell and I need 101 on nursing them back to health. They had zoa-eating nudi's, zoa pox, and were at like 65 for 3 days.

Okay so here's the deal. I bought designer zoas on eBay - I researched the sellers' store in Florida first, they looked darn good, so I purchased them. Great idea, right? WRONG!

I get my order and open each baggie and put them all into a QT. I start with visual exam and discover a couple stomatellas in there (happy about that), a copepod or two, then I see this little guy I didn't recognize. Did some research, found out he was a zoa eating nudibranch - I mean, it wasn't like "oh, I think that might be one"... it was like, "Holy cow the specimen looks exactly like that".

I grab my trusty syringe and suck him out of there. Then I start noticing white circles on five of the zoas.... a single white circle, floating about 1mm away from each zoa. Yep.... Zoa-eating nudibranch eggs.


These were on more than half of the frags (this is why we QT!!!). But then, I noticed something even worse. See the image below... I think you'll know what it was:


So, now we have nudi's and pox. So I initiate an eBay return. Within a day or two the seller approves it... the only catch is that they have to be in new baggies and a new Styrofoam container, so I ordered those.

Fast forward 3 days. I get the stuff to send the zoas back, and I go to my QT (behind a chair) and reach in to discover the heater had gone out. The water felt frigid - QT had no heater and was next to an AC vent). I look at the zoas and they're really small looking... and even the large amphipod that had been swimming around was lying there, dead.

Yep, I know... this part was all my fault. Had the heater been on they would have been fine. Had I checked on them once they would have been fine.

I don't have the heart to return them now. I'm going to cancel the return since I damaged the "item" further. Not only that, I'm going to make this a learning experience. I'm going to do everything in my power to make these guys flourish.

That's where I need your help. What do I do? Here's the plan so far:
I already removed all nudi egg sacs and the one adult.
Furan-2 dip, standard procedure for zoa pox.
Freshwater dip, standard procedure for nudibranches.
QT for some time.... 3 weeks? I don't know.

But what else? That's where I'm lost. Please, someone make me an expert in Zoas. Do I freshwater dip first then start the Furan-2 treatment? Do I give them a break in between? Do I add malachite green treatment in the mix? Iodine? I'm a stinkin' expert when it comes to freshwater fish/diseases, but I have only been doing saltwater for 3-4 years, and I've never dealt with pox and nudi's... and cold temps.

Any advice helps :)